How and When

How to go to Mali

You can basically choose 2 options, by air or by land.

By Land

Many Europeans still prefer to get to Mali by land, making this trip more like an incredible and unforgettable journey descending from Europe, Morocco, Moroccan Western Sahara, Mauritania and finally Mali. Many do buy an old car specifically for this trip, selling it afterwards for a little bit more money then spent back home.

All visas can be taken in the border of all these countries, except Morocco as NO VISA is required for most nationalities. Mauritanian and Malian visa can be easily made in Rabat the Moroccan capital.

By Airplane

Some air companies like Air France, Royal Air Maroc or Air Mali fly to Bamako on a regular daily basis.

Also, the French tour operator “Point Afrique” as regular flights from France with one-way flights possibility. Flights are cheaper during low season. During mid January you can get one ticket from Paris to Bamako, France to Mali one way for around 280 Euros taxes included.

Up to this date and personally tested (December 2008), Visas to Mali can be acquired at Bamako Senou International Airport.

When to go to Mali

Mali has 3 seasons: heat season, raining season and normal season.

The best temperature and climate are during November and December, but it’s also the high touristy season so it is expected to see some tourists.

From October to February and March, it’s quite nice, less tourists and the climate is quite agreable and expects some rain.

Contrary, summer months from March to June are hot and you can expect warm weather, or, as more than half of the country is desert, expect lots of dust and extreme temperatures above 40 and up to 50 degrees Celsius or more (122 degrees Fahrenheit).

Photo of Bus out of Timbuktu

Toyota Land Cruiser Bus from Timbuktu to Douentza, Mali

Toyota Land Cruiser Bus from Timbuktu to Douentza, Mali


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